3 Negative Traits to Avoid

by John Max

Talking to another friend of mine about foreign brides again. In short, he says that he is able to sleep with ugly to OK foreign brides, but can't manage to get cute or hot foreign brides, no matter what he tries. I've known this guy for awhile, so I know that he has used different methods of seduction. I know that he reads the blog, so I'm going to do a little write-up as to why he isn't getting attractive foreign brides. Some of this may suit you guys:

Your conversation is too self centered

This guy reads my stuff, but never pays attention to when I say to shut the fuck up. No, you don't entirely keep quiet, but you need to know when to stop talking about yourself and your perspective on things. For instance, just about every time I see this guy talking to hot foreign brides, his conversations go a little something like this:

Him: "Hey"

Her: "Hi."

Him: "You know Steve?"

Her: "Yeah."

Him: "Oh, that guy is so cool..."

And then he goes on and on about Steve or someone else. He never really gives the girl room to talk. When I talk to girls, I keep the conversation centered on them. The perfect example was the Barbie Doll chick from one of my stories. I spent most of the time letting her talk about her fashion career.

Yes, I may say a sentence or two about a guy or the bar we're at, but I focus the conversation on her as soon as possible. Foreign brides want men who listen and genuinely care about what they have to say about themselves.

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You are negative

Yes, we have our fun times together, but just about every time I come over to hang out, you are bitching and whining about some problem you have. In the small window of opportunity that you have with a hot girl, you probably do the same thing, and it's a complete turn off.

The only time I ever see you happy is when you're trashed, and believe it or not, most foreign brides don't like men who get completely trashed, wreak of alcohol and can't keep their composure when drinking. Foreign brides do not like alcoholics. And you personally, the only time you're not negative is when you're drinking.

Remember when a certain very expensive item of mine got stolen at your place? I got over it within five minutes. Instead of whining about it, I just told myself 'maybe it was sold to someone who'll appreciate it more than I did' and left it alone. Whereas you'll complain about something forever, and ever, and ever, and ever...

If you were a positive person, foreign brides would see that when they talk to you. Positive people are very addictive to be around. No one wants to be with someone that's negative and sad all the time.

You have a weak frame of mind

For instance, if a woman challenges me with a comment, I'm going to challenge her back. Instantly, she realizes that I have a backbone. You, on the other hand, if a girl barks at you, you instantly back down and take whatever shit she's throwing your way.

Now, what she's thinking, is "If this guy can't even stand up to me, there is no way that he can stand up for me.". Whether they admit it or not, foreign brides want to feel protected. She wants to know that if another man attempts to attack her, you're going to be able to defend her, whether it's physically or verbally.

You always back down when people challenge you, and you kiss ass just so people like you. Like you once said to me, a lot of people don't like me because I can be a complete dick, but at the same time, I don't care what people think of me. In other words, I don't try to make everyone like me. People who do so tend to be weak. Very unattractive.

Now, some of you may be wondering "If these things are so bad, then why does he still manage to get ugly to OK foreign brides?". He gets those girls because to them, he is a good looking guy, so they're willing to deal with it. It's not like they have many decent looking guys chasing after them.

However, to cute or hot foreign brides, he is OK at best. What this means, is that he is already at a disadvantage to the better looking men that these cute or hot foreign brides usually attract. And when he has the three above traits that I just mentioned, he pretty much eliminates any chance he had with these hotter foreign brides.

Back in grade school, I was an OK looking guy, but I still dated a lot of hot foreign brides. Why? Because I was always positive, very funny, I listened, and I had a backbone. I other words, I had a lot of good things going for me. But if you're lacking good personality traits, and you're not a good looking guy, then you have no saving graces about you that will attract hot foreign brides.